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got email immediately after placing amazon order online, was told to call Stanley. called him and he said that he has a SVGA DLP projector just like the one I requested but it's been in the showroom but it's got all the paperwork and everything is included and he will give me a 5 year guarantee, etc etc. after reading all the scam stuff online about ElectroBrands and (via Google Streetview) checking out their creepy little suite in a giant brick tenement next to the railroad tracks in westchester, IL, I told him to take a hike. he told me to cancel the order via amazon myself, claimed he couldn't do it from his end. I will have a hard time giving him bad feedback on amazon after I cancel the order, of course, AND THE CYCLE WILL CONTINUE.

best I can recommend is to avoid these creeps who seem to be deceptive resellers or used equipment sellers at best and simple scam artists at worst.

chris, california

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I experienced the same thing and this is a year later than your post, so it seems fairly certain that this company practices retailing this way, and has been for [at least a year]. I ordered and Optoma HD 20 projector, brand new though (now rakutan(?))...immediately following my order, I get a call from Stanley saying he had the projector, one left, it was brand new but had been in their display case locked up, no one could touch it...that he would ship it and give me a 5 year warranty with the unit, it would come with all original paperwork and accessories....2 weeks later, still no projector,and after talking to stanley, he said that he would check with his "shipping department" and found out they were waiting on a [missing] cable that they had already placed an order to replace and would ship when it arrived...I again, asked that this unit was brand new and he confirmed, same story.

When the projector arrived a week later, it was a completely different model and refurbished WITH a five year warranty card but no manual(the projector they shipped,I found on other sites for $100 less). Stanley tried to convince me that it was sent because it was a comparable model. I searched the internet to find specs for the projector to see what I had, but I had to contact Optoma and they had to research it because it was not even sold in the US. I returned the unit (after Stanley) agreed to send me a label to do so...I confimed with FedEx thate the projector was returned/delivered, it's been two weeks and still no refund.

I put in a dispute with my credit card and contacted Still no refund and the response Electro Brands gave Rakutan was "It was set for an exchange, sorry about the confusion will refund now." Not sure why [Stanley] was confused as there was no discussion about an exchange.

The company is very shady and I'm glad to have found this site, even if after the fact, people need to beware of this company and Rakutan and others need to review who they distribute products through. I'm confident my credit card company will get the refund issued but so far...nothing.

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